About Us

PERFECT SMILE DENTAL CARE is a multi Specialist y dental clinic placed in Dwarka, Sector-8 with best connectivity providing the best Dental treatments at the reasonable rates with no compromise in the Quality of the treatment and the materials used.

We started the clinic with a vision to make a difference in Oral Health Practices.

We started with the Single goal- TO BRING SMILE


Clinic is designed to give you a pleasant and calmingenvironment. Our Dentists provide highest standard of care in technically advanced and Relaxing Environment.


We understand the need to be available over the weekends and offer timings to fit your busy           lifestyle. We will always be there for you for years to consult. We have a team of Specialists across every field. Well qualified specialists under one roof.

Easy Follow ups on emails/ whatsapp


All Materials used in our set up are of high Quality irrespective of Substandard Chinese imports which unfortunately brings down costs to the patient.


We follow strict and stringent sterilization Protocols. All protocols are monitored.

100% Sanitised


We warranty all our work so we never hesitate in offering genuine warranty.


We value your time . We have a specialized process so that your valuable time is best utilized.


We are the smile makeovers. If you don’t feel like smiling we ensure that you get the best smile with the most conservative Procedure.